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Outsource the back end of your wireless management to Strategic M2M:

  1. Your internal telecom team will still be the face of your wireless management and will be the only ones to talk with and support your internal employees. Strategic M2M will be the support for your telecom team. The results are a substantial reduction in man hours spent managing wireless, significant cost savings and much improved wireless support to your employees by your internal telecom managers. Strategic M2M offers a suite of services that empower your telecom team to be successful.
  2. Order Processing: Send an email and your users receive the phone or data device next day.
  3. Plan Management: Strategic puts your lines on the most cost effective plans and then monitors the plans and reconciles with usage and back dates to the beginning of each bill cycle.
  4. Wholesale Data Plans: Strategic has larger pooled data packages at reduced pricing.
  5. Strategic M2M Usage Tracker: Automated Wireless Management software tool that provides overage email alerts, current and historical usage that syncs with the carriers online portal and updates user names, cost center information.
  6. Month End Invoice Reports: No more time spent reconciling wireless costs with the right cost centers to submit to accounting. Strategic M2M provides you end of bill cycle reports for your AT&T, Verizon and Sprint accounts. We can customize these reports to fit the needs of your organization. The typical report will break down costs in part with a flat flee depending on the type of device and the other portion based on usage. Typically, these costs are shown by department and cost center.
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Latest News
Simple Circuit Could Double Cell-Phone Data Speeds
November 24, 2014

A relatively simple circuit invented by researchers at the University of Texas could let smartphones and other wireless devices send and receive data twice as fast as they do now. The circuit makes it possible for a radio to send and receive signals on the same channel simultaneously – something known as “full-duplex” communications. That should translate to a doubling of the rate at which information can be moved around wirelessly.

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White Papers
” With competitive pressures intensifying and the pace of innovation accelerating, recognizing key trends, understanding their implications and, where appropriate, responding decisively is essential to remain successful. This paper describes our thinking relating to understanding the impact of the connected revolution. If you are interested in topics such as the growth of the Internet of things and machine-to-machine (M2M), the opportunity it represents for businesses and the requirements for success, then you will find this of interest.”
” M2M has already had a massive impact in the global transportation sector. It's becoming a mainstay of transport operations where freight needs to be delivered rapidly and safely. It's helping logistics companies manage global fleets to ensure that consignments arrive in optimum condition. M2M has taken tracking to a new and much more sophisticated level, creating new possibilities for companies wishing to track freight and vehicles. ”