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Strategic M2M has customers in most industries and is experienced in creating and deploying a wireless solution that fits your business strategy. We have wholesale wireless data pricing with the leading wireless provider in the States and because of the volume of business that we do we are able to get pricing and terms for our customers that are substantially lower than what a fortune 100 company could negotiate on their own. We have done countless deployments ranging from traditional M2M industries like ATM, Retail Kiosks, Video Surveillance, irrigation, Oil and Gas, Juke Boxes to the newer green industries that are on the cutting edge of technology in Solar, Energy Storage and wind.

In addition to providing the most competitive pooled data tiered pricing we also offer custom support levels to fit your company’s needs, This can range from simple guarantying of no overages by monitoring usage on a daily basis to monitoring thousands of remote sites with the capability of remotely rebooting and 24/7 troubleshooting of sites that go down and need to be brought back online.

Regardless of your industry or need we can reduce your current costs by moving your wireless spend from business pricing to wholesale. Our business experience and expertise regardless of your industry is going to make your deployment and management responsibilities easier and more efficient.

Strategic M2M In Partnership with 4G Business Launches ProAct, ProCast and ProCount Bundled into one Cost Management Tool now simply called Strategic ProAct:
Pro Act is the safest, easiest, most powerful way to manage your wireless expenses. Pro Act eliminates the threat of overages and dramatically reduces man hours.

ProAct the core of our services, provides you with powerful real-time monitoring tools, proactive alerts to notify you if something threatens the efficiency of your account, ensuring full transparency and overage prevention.

ProCast offers innovative and easy-to-navigate views of your monthly bill so you know exactly where every dime is going. You can compare usage levels by individual lines, company departments, or as a whole. You can also assign minutes and data limits on your team, giving you full flexibility and control of your company's wireless account.

ProCount reporting tools allow you to breakdown the wireless bill into defined groups, cost centers or any other way suitable for your organization, convert the bill to an Excel or PDF file and distribute the bill from within ProCount to your managers, administrators, or even to the line-holders themselves.

Strategic M2M also partners with CCR for companies that need onsite wireless or wire line installation and full service monitoring including onsite tech assistance.
CCR has been named for the second consecutive year on Inc. Magazine's 2011 list of "Fastest Growing Private Companies" CCR provides our clients consistent uptime and handles all aspects of the service and monitoring. Strategic M2M also has a full suite of partnerships with equipment providers including Trimble, CradlePoint, Wilson, Sendum and many more to ensure that we offer the best solution for your organization. Strategic M2M is able to listen to your companies goals needs and through are partners offer a complete Turnkey solution with a discounted custom data pooled plan that fits your data needs at a price point that is aggressive and designed to give your company a competitive edge.

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White Papers
”With competitive pressures intensifying and the pace of innovation accelerating, recognizing key trends, understanding their implications and, where appropriate, responding decisively is essential to remain successful. This paper describes our thinking relating to understanding the impact of the connected revolution. If you are interested in topics such as the growth of the Internet of things and machine-to-machine (M2M), the opportunity it represents for businesses and the requirements for success, then you will find this of interest.”
”M2M has already had a massive impact in the global transportation sector. It's becoming a mainstay of transport operations where freight needs to be delivered rapidly and safely. It's helping logistics companies manage global fleets to ensure that consignments arrive in optimum condition. M2M has taken tracking to a new and much more sophisticated level, creating new possibilities for companies wishing to track freight and vehicles. ”