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Strategic M2M offers for our clients pricing on equipment, applications and custom rate plans that is significantly more cost effective then what clients could negotiate directly from the individual companies, thanks to the high volume we move. We pass those savings directly on to our customers, giving them a significant advantage in both equipment and applications that make up the backbone of M2M operations.

In many cases, Strategic M2M clients acquire equipment and applications up to 40% less than they would on their own or with other service providers. We can do this for two reasons: first, we pool the acquisitions of all our clients, which gives us a much higher volume discount than with individual orders. We pass those savings directly on to our clients. Second, our business model focuses on profits from line activations, not from reselling equipment. So there is no "middle-man" markup.

We understand that some companies have unique needs that require unique solutions. We commit to building the most cost effective and efficient strategy customized to you specific requirements.

Our experience and influential relationships working with the wireless carriers on strategic accounts gives us a significant advantage in acquiring approval for custom data rate plans, bypassing the off-the-rack, ineffectual rate plans that are often unsound for M2M. Our seasoned, knowledgable team know the most effective approach to M2M deals that save our clients money, provide the infrastructure for success and give them the capacity to grow.

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White Papers
”With competitive pressures intensifying and the pace of innovation accelerating, recognizing key trends, understanding their implications and, where appropriate, responding decisively is essential to remain successful. This paper describes our thinking relating to understanding the impact of the connected revolution. If you are interested in topics such as the growth of the Internet of things and machine-to-machine (M2M), the opportunity it represents for businesses and the requirements for success, then you will find this of interest.”
”M2M has already had a massive impact in the global transportation sector. It's becoming a mainstay of transport operations where freight needs to be delivered rapidly and safely. It's helping logistics companies manage global fleets to ensure that consignments arrive in optimum condition. M2M has taken tracking to a new and much more sophisticated level, creating new possibilities for companies wishing to track freight and vehicles. ”