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Often times, M2M equipment will piggyback onto the hosting retailer's own network connection, causing contract delays and risking rejection of an otherwise golden deal. The close becomes even more complicated if the client requires certain regulation adherence, like HiPPA. Strategic M2M wireless site management eliminates all of this worry.

Using Strategic M2M, you will add value to your business proposition by using your own wireless connections. Contracts no longer need to wait for network approval from IT, moment continues forward, and you're up and running much sooner. Dramatically shrink implementation time lines and get selling faster.

Talk to Strategic M2M to see how this powerful addition to your operations can help you increase sales and reduce the red tape.

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White Papers
”With competitive pressures intensifying and the pace of innovation accelerating, recognizing key trends, understanding their implications and, where appropriate, responding decisively is essential to remain successful. This paper describes our thinking relating to understanding the impact of the connected revolution. If you are interested in topics such as the growth of the Internet of things and machine-to-machine (M2M), the opportunity it represents for businesses and the requirements for success, then you will find this of interest.”
”M2M has already had a massive impact in the global transportation sector. It's becoming a mainstay of transport operations where freight needs to be delivered rapidly and safely. It's helping logistics companies manage global fleets to ensure that consignments arrive in optimum condition. M2M has taken tracking to a new and much more sophisticated level, creating new possibilities for companies wishing to track freight and vehicles. ”