M2M Industry Applications

AutomotivePassenger vehicle anti-theft/recovery, monitoring/ maintenance, safety/control, entertainment.
TransportationFleet management, trucking, courier, asset tracking, telematics, manufacturing, logistics.
Utilities/EnergySmart grid, meter reading, electric/power line, gas/oil pipelines and water tank monitoring .
SecurityCommercial and home, fire, police, medical alert, surveillance and burglar alarm monitoring
Financial/RetailPoint of sale, ATM, kiosk, vending, lottery, digital signage and handheld terminals.
Health CareMedical monitoring, remote diagnostics, medication reminders and tele-medicine.
Public SafetyHighway, bridge, traffic management, homeland security, police, fire and emergency service
Source: Heavy Reading and Pyramid Research, 2012

The machine-to-machine (M2M) market worldwide is enormous, and its rapid growth is being driven by technology innovation, new applications, low-cost communications services and falling hardware costs. The vast M2M market is extremely dynamic, encompassing a wide range of M2M applications across a diverse array of vertical industries. (Source: Heavy Reading and Pyramid Research, 2012)

The below graphically depicts the diversity of M2M applications by industry. The hardware, applications and custom data plans needed vary across industries and the carriers often refer their customers directly to Strategic M2M and Cerium Wireless because we specialize in M2M and have the necessary partnerships and experience to be able to make these M2M projects successful.

  Source: Heavy Reading and Pyramid Research, 2012
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”M2M has already had a massive impact in the global transportation sector. It's becoming a mainstay of transport operations where freight needs to be delivered rapidly and safely. It's helping logistics companies manage global fleets to ensure that consignments arrive in optimum condition. M2M has taken tracking to a new and much more sophisticated level, creating new possibilities for companies wishing to track freight and vehicles. ” http://strategicm2m.com/media/fleet-asset.pdf